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Future of logistics report released


The report builds on a 2017 study issued by the German Logistics Association BVL. The BVL Singapore members wanted to review, update it and especially add the Asian perspective.

Thomas Martin from Forward Intelligence Group created an initial trend map from the report that served as an input to a workshop conducted with the BVL Singapore members. In that workshop, the team discussed and aligned their views on how the industry works and will evolve in Asia.

As a result of the workshop and subsequent reviews, the model grew from 58 to 76 factors.

Key Findings

The single most substantial factor is a reliable, on-schedule and fast delivery, closely followed by an agile, flexible, fast failure culture. The former indicating service achievement of the customer expectations and the latter enabling a company to increase its capability to develop and improve the service achievement. Additional, equally strong factors focus on customer relationships: customer loyalty improvement; customer centricity; and new customer acquisition. Existing customers, i.e. the captured market share, are cared for and the offered services evaluated for catering for the customer. At the same time, new customers are acquired (and developed) to increase market share.

To improve customer loyalty, the interaction between New business models, Logistics Product Individualization and Small-scale logistic services in exploitation of Changed consumer behaviours offers potential and needs to be understood. In terms of overcoming inhibiting factors, the single biggest inhibitor to success by far is operating cost. Indeed, further cost factors follow closely. Thus, the efficient delivery of the service that drives success best secures success. Important technology enablers include Logistics Platforms, Digitalization, Automation and related technologies.

The report will be released BVL in their upcoming newsletter.

You can download the entire report here and here.