Starting with the generation of insights from the external environment using the full range of foresight methodologies including trend research, horizon scanning, PESTLE analysis, market, competitive and customer intelligence we provide clarity on the trends, developments, opportunities and threats relevant for an organization and create urgency to address the resulting innovation potentials and risks.

To enable agile businesses, this foresight process should be executed continuously. Most of our clients conduct it at least quarterly as part of their executive management meetings but usually have a team working on this regularly. Often with external support from us in the form of foresight coaching and projects.

The clarity and urgency instilled by foresight is then enacted in the organizational decision-making process. This is typically organized in form of an enterprise portfolio management function or structure. In the usually monthly meetings between the executives the team works on aligning the newest external developments (“what is changing?”) with the strategic objectives (“are we still doing the right things?”), the projects (“are we doing the things right?”) and resources (“are we prioritizing our resources accordingly?”). This process implements agile strategy definition. We support the implementation and coach the execution of portfolio management functions and the formulation of strategic objectives.

The decisions made by portfolio management are then executed by agile teams that optimize the delivery of customer value by iterating over delivering on their objectives to create the market impact the organization desires. We support the setup, train and coach agile teams using methodologies like Scrum and SAFe.

Closing the loop of foresight, portfolio management and agile teams enables business agility that secures the long-term success of an organization in the market place. We support agile transformations with training, planning, change and program management.

This is Foresight Implemented!