About Forward Intelligence

  • Forward Intelligence is the capability of organizations and people to capture and action insights about the future. Click here for a detailed explanation.
  • Forward Intelligence can be compared to the look-out of a ship. The look-out needs to be constantly on the guard and promptly inform the bridge about dangers or sights.
  • It can be implemented in the form of a Forward Intelligence function and process that scans, assesses, prioritises insights into trends, opportunities, threats, scenarios and risks that drive an organization’s leadership processes.

About the Forward Intelligence Group

  • Forward Intelligence Group is a management consultancy focusing on foresight, strategy, and business agility.
  • We work across industries for clients that want to grow, become more innovative and competitive or start new businesses, products and ventures.
  • Our key audiences include CEOs, business and functional leaders, strategic planners, innovation manages, risk managers, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

About the Forward Intelligence Team

  • Forward Intelligence is led by Thomas Martin, a German strategist, consultant, business manager and entrepreneur.
  • We are incorporated in Singapore and cover clients in Asia and worldwide.
  • Our team includes partners and associates that cover a wider range of skills, services and products that drive and support the implementation of Forward Intelligence.